The Five Families

New York's Five Families

The Five Families of New York City organized crime include the Genovese Crime Family, the Gambino Crime Family, the Bonnano Crime Family, the Colombo Family, and the Lucchese Crime Family.

The bosses of these five families as well as other mob bosses throughout the country were part of what is known as The Commission. The Commission” as we know it - a blended underworld of all Italian factions from mainland Italy as well as Sicily — came into existence in 1931.

Changing the rules to absorb other purebred Italians of Calabrian, Neapolitan, and other mainland Italians into their ranks, the Families were now one cohesive monolithic brotherhood, renamed — “Cosa Nostra” or “Our Thing”.

Here you'll find in-depth biographies and stories about well-known and little-known members and associates of all Five Families of New York City.

The Genovese Family

Frank Costello

Frank Costello was one of the classiest, reserved, richest, and most influential, mafioso in history. He wasn't called "The Prime Minister" for nothing!

The Gambino Family

The Bonanno Family

The Colombo Family

The Lucchese Family

The DeCavalcante Family

YOUTUBE Videos - The Five Families

After New Jersey boss Sam the Plumber DeCavalcante was convicted on federal gambling charges, he tapped John Riggi to act in his stead. Riggi helmed the DeCavalcante Family ship for nearly 35 years even while Gambino boss John Gotti sought to sink it.

Rusty Rastelli was the one-time mafia boss of the Bonanno Crime Family. Originally hailing from the gritty Greenpoint section of North Brooklyn, Rastelli would rise up from a common street hoodlum and gunman to eventually reach the very pinnacle of organized crime in New York City.

Ettore Zappi was a longtime capo and close friend and associate of Gambino Family boss Carlo Gambino. Zappi was involved in many mob rackets including labor unions, rib joints, drive-in movie theaters, and more.

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