Mafia Rackets

How the Mafia Made Its Money

Money, money, money. It's what the mob is all about. But how exactly did they do it? Find out by clicking on one of the racket stories below.

The Loansharking Racket

It is said that the gambling business, in all its various forms, is the very lifeblood of organized crime. Nipping at its heels close behind is shylocking.

The Narcotics Racket

Narcotics is the most profitable business in the underworld. Although many have dabbled in it, few have done it as well as the Italian Mafia.

On the Waterfront

Since the early 1900s, and maybe before, Irish and Italian hoodlums gravitated to the various waterfronts and its related industries.

Garbage Racketeering

One of the more durable underworld rackets created over the years has been the Mafia’s infiltration of the garbage carting industry.

The Credit Card Racket

Starting in the mid-1960s, the mafia quickly realized the tremendous money-making potential of credit cards and took full advantage!

YOUTUBE Videos - Mob Moneymakers

The Mafia loves easy money and when credit cards debuted to the general public, these little plastic cards of cash became an easy target for the mob. But how did they do it? And which mobsters were most prolific in the racket?

Ruby Stein was one of the biggest loansharks in New York City working in tandem with the Colombo Crime Family and Jiggs Forlano. After Ruby ended his partnership with Jiggs, he made the fatal mistake of affiliating with the Irish Mob's Jimmy Coonan.

Jimmy Doyle Plumeri was a top garment racketeer with the Lucchese Family who, with his notorious nephew Johnny Dio, wreaked havoc on New York's garment industry. He was also tied into Lepke Buchalter and others and might have been in line to be boss. But Plumeri's charmed life came to an abrupt end in 1971.

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