Carmine (Gribbs) Tramunti
In between the tenure of iconic Lucchese bosses Tommy Brown and Tony Ducks rose an interim boss who ruled from the late 1960s through 1974...his name was Mr. Gribbs!
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Salvatore (Charlie Lemons) Mineo
Lesser-known mafiosi are sometimes erroneously called “sleepers”, whether they really fall in that category or not.

But this next guy really was a sleeper in every sense of the word. “Charlie Lemons” Mineo was such an unknown, that law enforcement didn’t even have a photograph available for his THATS what I call a “sleeper!”

Here’s his story, or at least what we here at ButtonGuys could piece together of it...

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A Biography of Michael ``Mickey Z`` Zaffarano
Plenty of guys have earned big over the years dabbling in the pornography business. But few ever reached the heights, or power, of Mickey Zaffarano.... here is his story.
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Sam the Plumber’s Boys

Based in the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey, this small Mafia Family always had a very limited membership. Here is ...

The San Francisco, California Family of LCN

Jimmy “The Hat” Lanza served as boss of the San Francisco Family of Cosa Nostra for approximately 45 years...he never ...

The Jukebox & Vending Machine Racket

While it lasted, the jukebox and vending-machine racket was one of the biggest money-makers the Mafia ever had. Their ironclad ...

Out of the Mouths of the Infamous – II

Quotes from mobsters and others about the Mafia and "the Life" from John Gotti, Johnny Dio, Vito Genovese, John Gambino, ...

The Youngstown Bombing Wars

Youngstown, Ohio holds a special place in gangland - it was a town built for the mob! But why did ...

[Disclaimer: As far as my own personal moral compass, I do not, nor will I ever, write about active or living mafiosi. Once a guy is long retired or passes, and I’ve made sure my words cannot hurt him or anybody else still living, only then will I feel free to write his biography as I’ve known it accordingly…but not until then! – The Other Guy]

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