How the Mafia Makes Money

Mob rackets are far-reaching when it comes to organized crime. Since its formation, the mafia has infiltrated almost every aspect of American life. From bars and restaurants to credit cards and even garbage hauling, the mob has its hands in it – or did at some point.

From the earliest days of alcohol bootlegging, the mafia has found innovative ways to bring in the bucks over the years. And they made tons! Learn about some of these mob rackets below, and keep checking back as we’ll be adding new in-depth stories about ways the mob made money in the future. Also, be sure to check out our list of mobsters involved in various rackets via the accompanying links in the sidebar.

Mob Rackets

business fraud featured

Business Fraud Rackets

Business fraud rackets are one of the many ways the mob makes its money. From stock fraud to internet porn, the mob knows its business.

gambling featured

The Gambling Rackets

A nuts and bolts layout on both the history and the mechanics of various illegal gambling rackets.

narcotics trafficking featured

The Narcotics Racket

Narcotics is the most profitable business in the underworld. Although many have dabbled in it, few have done it as well as the Italian Mafia.

-truck hijacking featured

The Truck Hijacking Racket

Heisting cargo became a multimillion-dollar business for the mob. A racket so lucrative that all mob families dabbled in for decades.

stock fraud featured

Securities Theft and Fraud Racket

Nearly every single Mafia family in the entire country has profited from stock market scams at one time or another over the years.

cigarette smuggling featured

The Cigarette Bootlegging Racket

While it lasted, cigarette smuggling was one of the greatest rackets the Mafia ever invented! A cash cow that was perfectly tailor-made for wiseguys.

waterfront rackets

The Waterfront Rackets of the Mob

Since the early 1900s, and maybe before, Irish and Italian hoodlums gravitated to the various waterfronts and its related industries.

garbage industry featured

The Mob and Garbage

One of the more durable underworld rackets created over the years has been the Mafia’s infiltration of the garbage carting industry.

credit card racket featured

The Credit Card Racket

Starting in the mid-1960s, the mafia quickly realized the tremendous money-making potential of credit cards and took full advantage!

Mob Videos

Gambino mobster Carmine Lombardozzi was a specialist in stock fraud and one of the most successful in the entire New York Mafia. A capo in the Gambino Crime Family, Lombardozzi, or “The Doctor” was dubbed the King of Wall Street by news media. He oversaw a large regime based in Brooklyn and was, for a time, the mob’s fair-haired boy.

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